Casa Julia Carménère Reserve 2020

Casa Julia
Fanciful Name: Reserve
Varietal: Carménère
Vintage: 2020
Country of Origin: Chile
Retail Price: $12.00

Tasting Notes: The nose on this wine is pretty savory; notes of BBQ beef. On the palate it is soft, but not subtle. This dry red tastes of eucalyptus and fresh herbs, with a touch of blueberry, with hints of oak. Tannins are there, but not in your face. Ok, buy the glass, but shines with food. 
Casa Julia Carménère Reserve 2020

Los Vascos Cromas Gran Reserva 2019

Los Vascos
Fanciful Name: Cromas Gran Reserva
Varietal: Carmenere
Vintage: 2019
Country of Origin: Chile
Appellation: Colchagua Valley
Retail Price: $20.99

Tasting Notes: A pure Carmenère wine, from vineyard sites cooled by their proximity to the Pacific Ocean, which helps maintain good acidity and freshness. A very deep ruby with touches of purple. The nose is dominated by black cherry and dark fruit, with subtle spice notes. The palate is well rounded, with the weight of the fruit balanced by the acidity.
Los Vascos Cromas Gran Reserva 2019